Letter from Ed Peters to His Brother, John. Versified Regrets by Fern Peters Koftan.

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Yesterday the rest of Omaha was remembering the third worst/expensive tornado here in U.S. history back on 6 May 1975:  it cost over a billion dollars.  So a newspaper photo was of Pacific Street at the bottom of my hill, and I know very well the top of my building where I live now was complete blown off.  I had just moved to Omaha and lived in the Rockbrook area, moving here shortly after the top floor was restored.  But 6 May for me is Dad's birthday (Jack Luckert), and so I spent the evening with his favorite team, the Boston Red Sox.  He would have been delighted:  after trailing 4-2 behind the Angels, his beloved Red Sox won 11-6.  And today I go to a twilight Cornhusker ballgame down in Lincoln with sister Sue, her son Jared, and her grandson Aiden, the four-year-old I pick up on Tuesdays and Thursdays from day care to babysitter.  So I view it as kind of a continuation of a baseball celebration for Dad, but it means I won't get to the rest of the Twigg/Peters reunion photos I'm still figuring out until this weekend.

In the meantime I had found some surprising documents:  a letter from Great Grandfather Edward LeRoy Peters to his younger brother, John, on the back of which is Grandma Fern Peters Koftan's explanation and another note from Grandpa Laurence Koftan to Mom.  Great Grandpa Peters used Great Uncle Glen's stationery, clearly Uncle Glen's monogram (Glen Elmo Peters), because he lived in Randolph with Glen and Paula, I think, though he died in Deer Lodge, Montana, while visiting Forrest, his other son.

Another surprise was what ostensibly was a bill to Uncle Larry but had a versified regrets on the back from Grandma Fern Peters Koftan.  I had been fascinated with the baseball bat bill and then found the verse, referring, I'm sure, to Ella Larson Koftan (who married Grandpa Koftan's youngest brother, Joe).  The year is very important--1944--not only for the sporting goods surprising C.O.D. remark and trust but also for the reason Grandma Koftan can't make it to the shower.  And I'm fairly sure Gram recopied the verse to stationery.  I also hope everyone's noticing why I am disgusted schools no longer teach penmanship because students now use nothing but keyboards for their communication.


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