Jack Luckert's Letter to Evelyn Bruhn, 3 January 1920

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Cousin Judy Bruhn Masilko found the following letter while remodeling her parents' home and gave it to my sister, Sue.  The original is below, which may be difficult to read, followed by my transcription.  It reads like a Faulkner novel with its largely unpunctuated flow of words (stream of consciousness in literary terms) and Gothic ending,  I make no apologies for either the spelling, grammar, or punctuation, and will not insult him with various sic parens.  We are thrilled to hear him at 13 talking to his older sister.Mail0012.JPG


Mail0014.JPG Mail0015.JPG Mail0016.JPG                                                                         Bloomfield Neb

                                                                          Jan 3--1920

Dear Evelyn, Joe, & sis

let you know [meant to go after the "to"]  will drop you a few lines to / we are all fine and received your letter O.K. / sure was glad to hear from you say did you / ever get your Xmas gifts you never said / so we was awful late to get it off but you / see we had to wait to get Lizzie stuff / sister we received your gifts.  Kindly say / tell Joe [Evelyn's husband] Dick broke his rivet punch on / his Knife you sent him sure was mad / you bright/ought? to see the stuff Little annie / Clark and Little elizabeth Evelyn Stock / ing [sister Lizzie's three oldest children] some name for a baby has name / it after lizzie and you we was going / to call it Daisy but Pa/Pug did not like / it not changing the subject but how / is the weather and roads down there / the weather is fine up here but oh the / roads bumpy and frozen we got all / the landlords corn shelled and hauling / it now the bought it all of it at / $1.30 per bushel--they agreeded to that / corn is worth $1.25 per bushl but you / see fredicks said the landlady wanted it / (over) we got all the landlords oats hauled / and 405 bu of ours corn shelled / and hauled it to grandads you / aught to been to the wedding that / occured Elma and George {Alma & George Schaller) had / sperkun was the preacher that / married they Dutch old devil sour/ kraut belly elma stein and fred / Doerr stood up for them Rich & chet [Dad's brothers] / went but we didn't ma sure / is mad.  they told ma to Dress them--and have them ready two / Days before christmas and told her / they would be up after but / never did.  Thats what made her / mad.  you ought to saw the / wedding cake they said it was as / big as a 5 gallon jar had two hands / on it and a ring on the fingers of / the hand ("gold" between the lines here) hand are made of some / funny stuff Rich didnot know, cakes / pies saucer aw.  hell every / things rich old devils ought to / have something the wedding cake / cost about 50 dollars   now the / youngs married car filed have / gone to Omaha for a two weeks / visit cheviers got stuned on chevier / ["shivaree" phonetically from French charivari, when friends and neighbors surprised newlyweds with a noisy serenade, beating on pots and pans, etc., and the wedding couple was then to provide something in return, like a dance or refreshments--later, because the element of surprise was key an the couple were usually asleep--unless forewarned] them--it will cost him about 5 hundred / dollars when he got done rich and / chet danced till six oclock next / morning they went down there / at twelve and had 4 meal till six / next morning they was married / at 3 bells say I got a awful / short pencil it wont last much / longer I sure hate a short pencil / to write with that what make / my bum writing you are reading / we are having two weeks vacation / but school is going to start Monday.  Examination is going to start what I / hate we got a dam good teacher / she(s?) got a lot of freckles but she(s?) / kind.  how are your stuff coming / along down there we got five / thorbreds calves we put them in / Every night and Mothers to milker / too we only milk two cows now / Millie and youngs legs we get half / (over) a pails full Pa is feeling fine / but about the same say / mrs bush fred bush wife / killed herself and her children only 1 kid / she killed I tell you about it / you know her sister chris utechs [Utecht's] wife is in the insane asylum and / she worried over other things she give / her baby 3 month old and two year / old was with her at the time seven / year old girl was at school / and other boy was with fred getting /  hay she give her at home with her carbonic [carbolic] acid and took it her self / and when fred come home with the / boy he sent the boy ("little" between the lines) to the house / and he on hooked and the little boy / came runningou saying mother / is down on the floor fred run / in and found her gasping her / last two year old boy had his / throat burnt and died little / baby 3 months old still gasping / her last he sent for doctor carrack / right away and doc cured the / baby the loss is the mother and two year old boy some stunt/ will have to close for now all / I know best regards to all / your Brother / Jack / P.S. be sure to write soon as / possible there hasn't nothing like getting letters and hearing / knews.  all    


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