Birdhouse Statesmanship

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Lauritzen Gardens currently features a Bellevue resident's stately birdhouses, which must've been witty fun for creative Richard Yost.  They're arranged alphabetically, and most have obvious symbols, such as the Oscars and a movie clipboard for California and Presley and one of his records for Tennessee.









P1010064.JPG Nebraska's features the Union Pacific, one of our Fortune 500 companies and top employers, with headquarters here in Omaha, besides which its two largest locomotives are on the bluff south of Lauritzen Gardens overlooking Interstate 80 as it crosses the Missouri River.  UP also helps sponsor Railroad Days and the wonderful model train area between the birding area and the rose garden, just beyond the Garden in the Glen.

Here are the rest, in their alphabetical order.  After the District of Columbia are Alabama with its speedway cars, Alaska with its polar bears, Arizona with its saguaro cacti and lizard, Arkansas, and California with its Oscars and clipboard.

P1010040.JPG P1010043.JPG P1010041.JPG Next come Colorado with its familiar green and white peaks (of its license plate) and, cleverly, pennies for the Denver mint; Connecticut where the Frisbee was invented, and Delaware; then Florida, Georgia, and Hawaii, which you can figure out for yourself now that you've seen a few (Disneyland, PGA Masters, palm trees, and more).

P1010045.JPG P1010044.JPG French fries and Mr. Potato Head for Idaho, an Abe Lincoln penny and log cabin for Illinois, and the Indy 500 for Indiana which got out of sequence in editing; farmers' Iowa; the most startling, a huge sunflower for Kansas, and the bluegrass horse farms of Kentucky.





P1010052.JPGMardi Gras beads for Louisiana, lobster for Maine, Maryland's Annapolis U.S. Naval Academy; Massachusetts' first Thanksgiving; Michigan and Minnesota for fishermen; a steamboat for Mississippi.




Missouri has the Gateway Arch and Anheuser-Busch reminders, and Montana grizzly bears, Nebraska's was already shown, and Nevada's is, naturally, gambling.



New Hampshire has the first polls in election years; then New Jersey with its Sandy Hook lighthouse; New Mexico is known for its pueblo pottery but perhaps not so much for its yearly hot-air-balloon festival at Albuquerque (which I was lucky enough to see on one vacation), and New York's obvious.




North Dakota's a hunting state; Ohio floats in with an Akron rubber product, the Goodyear blimp, followed by Oklahoma's Cowboys and the Oregon Trail.



Pennsylvania signs in with the Liberty Bell for its Cradle of Independence, but I wouldn't have guessed the major games maker, Hasbro, for Rhode Island. 


The rest are easily understood.  South Carolina and South Dakota come next.


Tennessee and Texas are followed by Utah and Vermont.



Virginia and Washington are below, and then finally West Virginia, Wisconsin, and Wyoming.  And I hope seeing these inspires you to do your own state version or try a similar sequence.  We should give Richard Yost a big round of applause!




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